Having the right tools on hand, not only make work easier, it makes it even more secure and comfortable. Cobalt Gear® makes it now also fashionable.
For Cobalt Gear® workwear comfort is a real freedom of movement that allows working under the difficult working conditions. Material selections enable you to work from the inside out.
Safety comes from the proper material selection and some of the details which are helpful relieving the workload. Teflon finishing used in Cobalt Gear® workwear makes clothes water and dirt repellent, which make them durable and hard wearing and suitable for industrial laundering.

All the critical wearing points exposed to the elements – knees, sleeves and pockets are reinforced in Cobalt Gear with Cordura or similar high quality materials which are also a dirt repellent, abrasion resistance, and long -lasting durability. 

There has also been paid attention on appearance of Cobal Gear® workwear combining safety, comfort, functionality and fashionality. Despite of technical features, Cobalt Gear® workwear are above of all clothes where the high quality and top Nordic designing meets and clothes which can be worn proudly, feeling fashionably good.

Look good, feel good – wear Cobalt Gear

What’s new

Cobalt Gear in Brief

  • Since 2005
  • Strong ecperience in the Nordic markets
  • Nordic standard for quality, design & values
  • Own factory production - Nordic supervision
  • Extensive collections, covering upper & lower body
  • New footwear collection(launching fall 2015)